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Millennium's Newest Service

Smart QR Codes allow you to measure the usage of the QR Codes you print. 

On static printed campaigns they let you track your QR code response rates.  With direct mail you can know in real time exactly who scanned your mail piece.

Millennium's Smart QR Codes have information programmed into them that identify the specific information about the unique barcode.   We can program to know the advertising medium, and publication date as well as track the IP address of where they were scanned and the time and date of the scan.   You can then track which marketing pieces are getting scanned and know how well your print marketing campaign is working. You can also add form gathering to your QR Code scans by asking the customer to provide a cell phone or email address before sending them to your landing page.

On direct mail campaign Millennium programs into the QR Code the customer's name and address and any other information you have from your database program so that you know exactly who scanned your QR Code.

Once a code is scanned you will get email notifications with all the information collected about the scan AND our technology can be used to update practically any software with the lead data from the scan. We can integrate scan data with all CRM and Web services.  

Add smart qr codes to your marketing pieces. Call Neil Rubin at 201-755-4333 or email to learn more and get a personalized demonstration.

Smart QR Code

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